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                                                   History of python? Python kya hai If you are interested in computer subject, then you must have heard the name of a python programming language at some time and you would also like to know about it,
    Then in this post today we will tell you that python kya hai, python Kaise shikhe, python ki history, python ke features, who made python, the answer to all your questions will be found in this post, so let’s know that python kya Hota hai.

    What is Python kya hai in Engish?

    Python an open-source high level interpreted and Purpose General Programming Language which Aviskar 1980 I Guido Van Rossum with had is very easy to use that it is a very powerful language too human
    Python is a popular programming language that lets you too can create an application that uses Python Desktop Gui, application, Website, the Web application is to make Python language is also C, a programming language like C ++ This language another Language is very easy to syntax, which is simple and unique, which makes this language easy for users to read. Different developers can also read and translate the code of python language which is much easier than other languages.
    python I dynamic type system automatic, memory management facility is available, that is why the cost of management and development of the program is also low, due to the powerful language, python is being used by many big companies like YouTube, Quora, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
    The python language supports the use of modules and packages, which means that programs written in this language are written in modules that are designed to perform different important tasks. These modules are used for other project work. I can be done and it is easy to import or export it

    Guido van Rossum

    manage van Rossum Brought into the world on 31 January 1956, his identity is Dutch, most popular as the creator of the python programming language for which he (BDFL) was the “Kind despot forever”. He left the post in July 2018. He is presently an individual from the python administering chamber, in spite of the fact that he has removed his designation for the 2020 python overseeing committee.

    Life and education

    Guido van Rossum was born and brought up in the Netherland where he obtained a master’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in computer science at the University of Amsterdam in 1982. He has a brother Just van Rossum, a type of designer and programmer who has used the typeface. In the “python powered” logo. Guido van Rossum lives in Belmont, California with his wife Kim Knapp and their son.

    History of python?

    Python’s Reveal is by Netherland guide van Rossum python was started in 1980 and about 10 years later 1991 python was launched in January 1994 in python first version python 1.0 was released its second version 2.0 October 2000 Was done and its third version 3.0 was released after a long time in 2008. The new version of python released in python 3.6.1 March 2017 This language has been made in such a way that the code written in it was easy and It can be understood that its specialty is that we do not have to pay any money to learn it and it does not require any license for this, it is a general public license.

    Why was it named python? (History of python?)

    I must have asked you this question, why was it named python. Because this name is a species of snake, the name python was originated from a comedy show which was published in the 1970s by a script by the BBC comedy series Monty python’s flying circus, influenced by guide van Rossum. This programming language is named python. At this time the Python language is maintained by the co-develop team who are always adding new features and updates to the python programming language.

    Use of Python?

    A python is an object-oriented programming language that we use to develop software.   It is also an interpreted language which means that there is no need to compile by changing the computer-readable form to run the code of the program written in it. Python is a platform-independent language which is Windows, Linux, and Mac, while the other programming language I have to negotiate the object code of the source code with the help of interpreted python code can be easily run on almost the right computer. , Works on different platforms like using python in today’s time

    • System software
    • Game development
    • Server-side programs
    • Web application
    • App development
    • Website creation
    • Computer graphics

    Etc. create these to know will Hirani is I python using NASA I also used NASA uses python in equipment and space machine is used to make use of the Language  Artificial Intelligence and data science I also the python’s standard library lots of internet protocol to support moves such as HTML, XML, JSON, IMAP, FTP and more.

    Python’s features(History of python?)

    Python is a high-level programming language so that the code read is very easy to use and maintain, and its code of Reused The modification is for all users to have always kept open so users can download it easily and use One reason is that python language is called open source programming language Python has many unique features which makes it very different and best from other languages.

    1. Platform independent

    Python being open source is available on many platforms like Linux, windows, and mac, Os, python’s code runs on any platform easily so if you write python’s code on any operating system then you can make this program Other operating systems can also run without any problem, there is no need to write different code for different platform.

    1. Simple

    Python language is a very simple language, it is very easy to use, and so it is considered the easiest language in computer languages. Python is a language that is very easy to learn and understand for people who do not already have any programming language experience. He can also become a programmer by reading this python language very easily.

    1. Interpreted language

    Just as we need to compile the rest of the programming language like C, C ++ before running, python is not compiled the way python code is processed by interpreted at the run time itself python at the same time I can program line by line executes so this language is also called script language python language being interpreted language is a bit slower than another language.

    1. Large Standard Library

    Python I huge Standard Library is it appropriate for such library venues us for Rapid Application Development Modules It does not have to write different code for us every task which offers Smidra set of packages with graphical There is a module to create a user’s interface, a module to create a web framework is a module for exchanging data from a database. Similarly, the library I modules are available to perform many tasks.

    1. Extensible language

    Python is a fully extensible language, ie code of other programming languages can be inserted in its source code. If you want to execute a part of a program quickly, then you can write that part in another language C or C ++. Python language can be integrated with another language such as C or C ++.

    6.How to learn Python? How to learn python

    You can learn python programming language online very easily if you are learning a programming language for the first time, yet you will find it very easy to learn python language because the python programming language is very simple. You can learn online python very easily from beginner to advance these are links to some websites where you can learn python.

    • https://www.tutorialspoint.com
    • https://www.codecademy.com
    • https://www.w3schools.in
    • https://www.coursera.org
    • https://www.edx.org
    • HTTPS: // www.udemy.com


    So friends, in this post of today, we will know that python kya hai, python ki history, python ke features, python kaiser shikhe, etc. hope that you all understand well that I will know that python kya Hota hai? if you like the post, then tell us by commenting, and do not forget to share it with your friends.


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