Medak Pin Code List Updated 2020 | मेडक पिन कोड सूची

Medak Pin Code List

Hey friends, today my name is Vicky, I am going to tell you some Medak Pin Code List, through Medak Pin Code List, all your work is going to be easy.

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Medak Pin Code List Updated

Post OfficeDistrictPincode
A.I.E. R.C.puram S.OMedak Pin Code502032
Abbenda B.OMedak Pin Code502286
Admn. Bldgs S.OMedak502032
Akkannapet S.OMedak502115
Akkaram B.OMedak502311
Akkenapally B.OMedak502280
Aksanpally B.OMedak502270
Algole B.OMedak502318
Alirajpet B.OMedak502281
Alladurg S.OMedak502269
Allipur B.OMedak502318
Allipur S.O (Medak)Medak502310
Almaipet B.OMedak502273
Alwal B.OMedak502247
Ameenpur B.OMedak502032
Amsanipally B.OMedak502109
Anajipur B.OMedak502278
Ananthasagar B.OMedak502286
Ananthasagar B.OMedak502247
Ananthavaram B.OMedak502345
Ananthsagar B.OMedak502306
Ananthsagar B.OMedak502267
Ande B.OMedak502108
Andole S.OMedak502273
Anegunta B.OMedak502220
Ankireddipally B.OMedak502277
Ankshapur B.OMedak502280
Annaram B.OMedak502313
Anthargaon B.OMedak502287
Appanapally B.OMedak502114
Arkela B.OMedak502302
Audatpur B.OMedak502286
Ausulapally B.OMedak502113
Babulgaon B.OMedak502291
Bacharam B.OMedak502302
Bachepally B.OMedak502371
Badalgaon B.OMedak502286
Baddipadaga B.OMedak502375
Bagareddypally B.OMedak502220
Bakrichepial B.OMedak502277
Banda Posanipally B.OMedak502117
Bandaram B.OMedak502277
Bangla Venkatapur B.OMedak502334
Baswapur B.OMedak502293
Bayyaram B.OMedak502278
Bdl Bhanur S.OMedak502305
Begumpet B.OMedak502334
Bejgaon B.OMedak502278
Bellapur B.OMedak502286
Bhailampur B.OMedak502279
Bhanur B.OMedak502305
Bharathnagar Town S.OMedak502103
Bharatinagar S.OMedak502032
Bhumpally B.OMedak502102
Bhupathipur B.OMedak502117
Bibipet B.OMedak502287
Bilalpur B.OMedak502210
Bodagattu B.OMedak502302
Bodamatpally B.OMedak502269
Bodupatla B.OMedak502296
Boguda Bhupathipur B.OMedak502113
Bonala B.OMedak502247
Bonthapalli B.OMedak502313
Borancha B.OMedak502290
Brahamanpally B.OMedak502334
Buchnelly B.OMedak502228
Budhera B.OMedak502345
Bujrampet B.OMedak502381
Burdipahad B.OMedak502228
Burugupally B.OMedak502113
Ch.Ankireddipally B.OMedak502267
Chalki B.OMedak502256
Chandaipet B.OMedak502247
Chandampet B.OMedak502255
Chandi B.OMedak502334
Chandlapur B.OMedak502276
Chandur B.OMedak502314
Chapta B.OMedak502286
Charakpally S.OMedak502221
Chatlapally B.OMedak502301
Chebarthy B.OMedak502279
Cheekurthi B.OMedak502256
Cheelapalli B.OMedak502271
Cheelasagr B.OMedak502279
Cheelpechedu B.OMedak502314
Chegunta S.OMedak502255
Chellapur B.OMedak502108
Chelmeda B.OMedak502102
Chepial B.OMedak502247
Cheriyal B.OMedak502285
Chetlapotharam B.OMedak502319
Chevella B.OMedak502269
Chidruppa B.OMedak502296
Chikode B.OMedak502108
Chilkepally B.OMedak502321
Chilver B.OMedak502269
Chinna Gundavelli B.OMedak502107
Chinna Kistapur B.OMedak502301
Chinna Shivnoor B.OMedak502255
Chinnagottimukla B.OMedak502313
Chintakunta B.OMedak502270
Chintalcheru B.OMedak502296
Chintalghat B.OMedak502321
Chinthamadaka B.OMedak502107
Chitkul B.OMedak502307
Chitkul B.OMedak502270
Chittapur B.OMedak502108
Choudaram B.OMedak502310
Choutkur B.OMedak502273
Dacharam B.OMedak502278
Dakoor B.OMedak502270
Damargidda B.OMedak502286
Dappur B.OMedak502251
Daripally B.OMedak502255
Daulapur B.OMedak502281
Dawoor B.OMedak502286
Devnoor B.OMedak502269
Dhamarakunta B.OMedak502281
Dhanasiri B.OMedak502221
Dhanoora B.OMedak502302
Dharmajipet B.OMedak502108
Dharmaram B.OMedak502108
Dharmareddipally B.OMedak502278
Didgi B.OMedak502228
Digwal S.OMedak502321
Dilalpur B.OMedak502278
Dommat B.OMedak502247
Dongala Dharmaram B.OMedak502102
Donthi B.OMedak502334
Doulathabad B.OMedak502247
Doultabad B.OMedak502296
Dubbak S.OMedak502108
Duddeda S.OMedak502277
Dumpalapally B.OMedak502108
Edulapally B.OMedak502321
Elakurthy B.OMedak502302
Elmela B.OMedak502300
Erdanur B.OMedak502296
Erraballi B.OMedak502279
Errabally B.OMedak502301
Etigadda Kistapur B.OMedak502301
Faizabad B.OMedak502314
Fareedpur B.OMedak502130
Fasalwadi B.OMedak502294
Gajwada B.OMedak502290
Gambheerpur B.OMedak502108
Gangapur B.OMedak502115
Gatlamalyal B.OMedak502280
Gavvalapally B.OMedak502248
Ghanpur B.OMedak502334
Ghanpur B.OMedak502114
Gollapalli B.OMedak502295
Gollapally B.OMedak502281
Gomaram B.OMedak502313
Gonepally B.OMedak502267
Gonglur B.OMedak502293
Gopanpally B.OMedak502221
Gorrekal B.OMedak502269
Gotgarpally B.OMedak502220
Gottimukla B.OMedak502290
Gouraram B.OMedak502279
Gudikandula B.OMedak502114
Gudpally B.OMedak502221
Gujvail S.OMedak502278
Gummadidala B.OMedak502313
Gundavelly B.OMedak502108
Gundlamachnoor B.OMedak502296
Gunreddipally B.OMedak502335
Guntamarpally B.OMedak502246
Gurralagondi B.OMedak502276
Guruzwada B.OMedak502321
Habsipur B.OMedak502108
Hadnur S.OMedak502251
Hanmanthraopet B.OMedak502286
Hasnabad B.OMedak502257
Hathnura B.OMedak502296
Haveli Ghanpur S.OMedak502113
Hoti (B) B.OMedak502220
Hulgera B.OMedak502256
Ibrahimnagar S.OMedak502267
Ibrahimpur B.OMedak502247
Ibrahimpur B.OMedak502107
Icrisat S.OMedak502324
IDA Pashamailaram S.OMedak502307
Indrakaran B.OMedak502329
Indresham B.OMedak502319
Indupial B.OMedak502247
Insanpally B.OMedak502114
Ippepally B.OMedak502221
Irkode S.OMedak502114
Islampur B.OMedak502335
Ismailkhanpet S.OMedak502296
Isnapur B.OMedak502307
Itikyala B.OMedak502281
Jagadevpur S.OMedak502281
Jakkapur B.OMedak502276
Jaligaon B.OMedak502278
Jambgi B.OMedak502257
Jangapally B.OMedak502102
Jeerlapally B.OMedak502246
Jinnaram B.OMedak502319
Jogipet S.OMedak502270
Jukal B.OMedak502271
Kadlakal S.OMedak502336
Kadloor B.OMedak502302
Kadpal B.OMedak502287
Kagazmaddur B.OMedak502313
Kakijanwada B.OMedak502256
Kalbemal B.OMedak502249
Kalher B.OMedak502371
Kalivemula B.OMedak502285
Kalwakunta B.OMedak502102
Kamkole S.OMedak502345
Kanchanpally B.OMedak502316
Kandi S.OMedak502285
Kangti B.OMedak502286
Kanugal B.OMedak502114
Kanukunta B.OMedak502313
Karamungi B.OMedak502286
Karasgutti B.OMedak502286
Karchal B.OMedak502257
Kasala B.OMedak502296
Kaslabad B.OMedak502108
Katrial B.OMedak502115
Kaveli B.OMedak502321
Khadeerabad B.OMedak502270
Khajapur B.OMedak502248
Khajipet B.OMedak502316
Khajipur B.OMedak502102
Khammampally B.OMedak502345
Khanapur B.OMedak502210
Khasimpur B.OMedak502221
Khata B.OMedak502280
Kistareddypet B.OMedak502319
Kodakandla S.OMedak502312
Kodurkurd S.OMedak502276
Kohir S.OMedak502210
Kokonda B.OMedak502336
Kolgur B.OMedak502278
Kolkur B.OMedak502291
Kollur B.OMedak502300
Komshetpally B.OMedak502345
Konapur B.OMedak502102
Konapur B.OMedak502291
Konapur B.OMedak502295
Kondapak S.OMedak502372
Kondapaka B.OMedak502331
Kondapur B.OMedak502102
Kondapur B.OMedak502306
Kongal Ghanpur B.OMedak502381
Konyal B.OMedak502314
Korpole B.OMedak502273
Kothapally B.OMedak502110
Kowdipally S.OMedak502316
Kowlampet B.OMedak502329
Krishnapur B.OMedak502246
Krishnapur B.OMedak502371
Kuchanpally S.OMedak502130
Kuchavaram B.OMedak502336
Kuknoor B.OMedak502109
Kuknoorpally S.OMedak502301
Kulcharam B.OMedak502381
Kunthanpally B.OMedak502335
Kuppanagar B.OMedak502246
Kurthiwada B.OMedak502331
Kusangi B.OMedak502270
Lachapet B.OMedak502108
Lakdaram B.OMedak502307
Laxmapur B.OMedak502115
Laxminagar B.OMedak502125
Lingaipally B.OMedak Pin Code502303
Lingampalli B.OMedak502345
Lingampalli B.OMedak502290
Lingapur B.OMedak502286
Lingapur B.OMedak502313
Lingapur B.OMedak Pin CodeMedak Pin Code502314
Lingareddipally B.OMedak502276
Lonikurd B.OMedak502345
M. Jalalpur. B.OMedak502109
Machapur B.OMedak502276
Machavaram S.O (Medak)Medak502109
Machireddypally B.OMedak502210
Machnoor B.OMedak502246
Maddikunta B.OMedak502291
Maddulwai B.OMedak502130
Madgi B.OMedak502221
Madharam B.OMedak502319
Madhunagar S.OMedak502228
Madri B.OMedak Pin Code502321
Madur B.OMedak502248
Majeedpally B.OMedak502334
Makkarajpet S.OMedak502247
Makta Kyasaram B.OMedak502345
Makta Laxmapur B.OMedak502271
Malchalma B.OMedak502220
Malkapur (Jadi) B.OMedak502220
Malkapur B.OMedak502295
Mallampet B.OMedak502303
Mallepalli B.OMedak502295
Mallikarjunpally B.OMedak502345
Malyal B.OMedak502276
Mamidgi B.OMedak502249
Mamidial B.OMedak502279
Mandapally B.OMedak502267
Manepally B.OMedak502109
Mangalparthy B.OMedak502109
Mangapet B.OMedak502319
Mangole B.OMedak502301
Maniyarpally B.OMedak502210
Manjira Barrage S.OMedak502294
Mannapur B.OMedak502221
Manoharabad B.OMedak502336
Manthoor B.OMedak502293
Manur B.OMedak502286
Mardi B.OMedak502287
Marepalli B.OMedak502306
Markook B.OMedak502279
Marpadaga B.OMedak502372
Marvelli B.OMedak502270
Masaipet S.OMedak502335
Masanpally B.OMedak502371
Medak Buss stand S.OMedak502110
Medak H.OMedak502110
Medak Town S.OMedak502110
Medipally B.OMedak502267
Meenajipet B.OMedak502336
Metalkunta B.OMedak502249
Mig Colony S.OMedak502032
Minpur B.OMedak502293
Mirdiddi B.OMedak502108
Mirzapally B.OMedak502248
Mirzapur S.O (Medak)Medak502249
Mittapally B.OMedak502375
Mogudampally B.OMedak502221
Mohammed Nagar B.OMedak502316
Moosapet B.OMedak502313
Moosapet B.OMedak502271
Morgi B.OMedak502286
Mothe B.OMedak502108
Mudimanik B.OMedak502273
Mulugu B.OMedak502279
Mungi B.OMedak502251
Munigadapa B.OMedak502312
Munipalli B.OMedak502345
Mupparam B.OMedak502302
Muslapur B.OMedak502269
Muthangi S.OMedak502300
Mutrajpally B.OMedak502316
Mutrajpally B.OMedak502278
Mylaram B.OMedak502279
Mylaram B.OMedak502310
Nacharam B.OMedak502334
Naganpally B.OMedak502287
Nagapuram B.OMedak502113
Nagasanipally B.OMedak502331
Nagdhar B.OMedak502371
Nagoor B.OMedak502286
Nagulapalli B.OMedak502300
Nagulapalli B.OMedak502313
Nagulapally B.OMedak502335
Nallvalli B.OMedak502313
Nandigaon B.OMedak502300
Nandikandi S.OMedak502306
Nangnoor S.OMedak502280
Narayanaraopet B.OMedak502107
Narayankhed S.OMedak502286
Narlapur B.OMedak502102
Narmetta B.OMedak502375
Narsampally B.OMedak502279
Narsapur S.O (Medak)Medak502313
Narsingee S.OMedak502248
Naskal B.OMedak502102
Nehru Road Town S.OMedak502103
Nemtur B.OMedak502334
Neredigunta B.OMedak502270
Ngo’s Colony B.OMedak502220
Nidijipla B.OMedak502270
Nizampet S.O (Medak)Medak502102
Nizampet S.O (Sangareddy)Medak502371
Nizampur B.OMedak502291
Nyalkal S.OMedak502256
O.F.Yeddumailaram S.OMedak502205
Ootla B.OMedak502319
P.R.Pally Chowrasta S.OMedak502295
Paidigummal B.OMedak502210
Paitara B.OMedak502381
Palamakula S.OMedak502375
Pallepahad B.OMedak502301
Palvancha B.OMedak502302
Pambanda B.OMedak502334
Pampad B.OMedak502257
Pamulaparthy S.OMedak502279
Panyal B.OMedak502314
Papannapet S.OMedak502303
Parikibanda B.OMedak502336
Pashamailaram B.OMedak502307
Pastapur B.OMedak502318
Patancheru Ie S.OMedak502319
Patancheru Ph.II S.OMedak502319
Patancheru S.OMedak502319
Pathoor B.OMedak502113
Pati B.OMedak502300
Pati Ghanpur B.OMedak502300
Pedda Koduru B.OMedak502276
Pedda Masanipally B.OMedak502372
Peddachintakunta B.OMedak502313
Peddagottimukla B.OMedak502313
Peddakanjarla B.OMedak502319
Peddapur B.OMedak502270
Peddapur B.OMedak502306
Peddareddypet B.OMedak502293
Peepalpalli B.OMedak502257
Peerlapally B.OMedak502281
Perur B.OMedak502109
Picharagadi B.OMedak502210
Pidched B.OMedak502278
Pillutla B.OMedak502313
Pocharam B.OMedak502293
Podichanpally S.OMedak502125
Ponnal B.OMedak502277
Posanipet B.OMedak502270
Pothamshettipally B.OMedak502109
Pothareddypally B.OMedak502210
Pothireddipet B.OMedak502102
Pothulaboguda B.OMedak502269
Prashanthnagar Town S.OMedak502103
Pregnapur S.OMedak502311
Priyadarshininagar B.OMedak502291
Pulkal B.OMedak502293
Pulkurthi B.OMedak502286
Pullur S.OMedak502107
Raghavapur B.OMedak502107
Raikode S.OMedak502257
Raipally B.OMedak502269
Raiploe B.OMedak502278
Rajakkapat B.OMedak502108
Rajampet Colony S.OMedak502001
Rajgopalpet B.OMedak502375
Rajnelli B.OMedak502321
Rajpally S.OMedak502117
Rajpet B.OMedak502113
Ramachandrapuram He S.OMedak502032
Ramachanrapuram Village S.OMedak502032
Ramakkapet B.OMedak502108
Ramancha B.OMedak502276
Ramaram B.OMedak502278
Ramasagar B.OMedak502278
Ramayampet S.OMedak502101
Rampur B.OMedak502109
Rampur B.OMedak502375
Ramsanpalli B.OMedak502270
Ramunipatla B.OMedak502267
Rangampet S.OMedak502381
Ranjhole S.OMedak502318
Raorukala B.OMedak502107
Rasool B.OMedak502287
Ratnapur B.OMedak502251
Ratnapur B.OMedak502313
Ravelli B.OMedak502336
Rayalapur B.OMedak502102
Rayalapur B.OMedak502316
Reddipally B.OMedak502255
Regode S.OMedak502290
Rejinthal B.OMedak502249
Remanguda B.OMedak502312
Rudrar B.OMedak502286
Rudraram B.OMedak502102
Rudraram S.OMedak502329
Rustumpet B.OMedak502313
Ryakal B.OMedak502287
Ryalamagudu B.OMedak502109
S. Kondapur B.OMedak502117
Sadasivpet S.OMedak502291
Sajjapur B.OMedak502210
Sangaipally B.OMedak502381
Sangareddy B/s Complex S.OMedak502001
Sangareddy Collectorate S.OMedak502001
Sangareddy H.OMedak502001
Sanjeevaraopet B.OMedak502286
Sardana B.OMedak502130
Satwar B.OMedak502221
Settipally Kalan B.OMedak502117
Shaikapur B.OMedak502220
Shankarampet B.OMedak502248
Shankarampet Bazar B.OMedak502271
Shankarampet S.OMedak502271
Shelgera B.OMedak502286
Shivampet B.OMedak502334
Shivampet B.OMedak502273
Shivanagar B.OMedak502319
Siddipet Busstand S.OMedak502103
Siddipet H.OMedak502103
Sikindaspur B.OMedak502296
Sikindlapur B.OMedak502267
Singavatum B.OMedak502278
Singoor Project S.OMedak502293
Singtham B.OMedak502257
Sirgapur S.OMedak502287
Sirigiripally B.OMedak502311
Sirisinagandla B.OMedak502372
Sirpura S.OMedak502314
Sommakkapet B.OMedak502314
Sultanabad B.OMedak502287
Sultanpur B.OMedak502319
Surampally B.OMedak502247
Suraram B.OMedak502291
Suraram B.OMedak502255
Sureddy Itikyal B.OMedak502273
Tadakapally B.OMedak502114
Tadkal B.OMedak502287
Tadlapally B.OMedak502294
Taherkhanpet B.OMedak502296
Tampulur B.OMedak502302
Tangadpalli B.OMedak502291
Tatpalli B.OMedak502345
Teegul B.OMedak502311
Teegul Narsapur B.OMedak502301
Tekmal S.OMedak502302
Tellapur B.OMedak502032
Tenkati B.OMedak502271
Terpole B.OMedak502295
Thonigandla B.OMedak502115
Timmaipally B.OMedak502113
Timmapur B.OMedak502312
Timmapur B.OMedak502114
Timmareddipally B.OMedak502372
Tipparam B.OMedak502301
Tirumalapur B.OMedak502278
Togarpalli B.OMedak502306
Toguta B.OMedak502372
Toguta B.OMedak502130
Toopran S.OMedak502334
Topgonda B.OMedak502285
Tornal B.OMedak502114
Tornal B.OMedak502286
Tuniki B.OMedak502336
Tuniki Bollaram B.OMedak502279
Tunki B.OMedak502316
Uppu Lingapur B.OMedak502255
Uthloor B.OMedak502271
Vailal B.OMedak502319
Vallur B.OMedak502286
Varadarajapuram B.OMedak502281
Velikatta B.OMedak502277
Velkatur B.OMedak502375
Veloor B.OMedak502336
Veltoor B.OMedak502291
Vemulagattu B.OMedak502301
Vendikole B.OMedak502273
Venkatapur B.OMedak502291
Venkatapur B.OMedak502375
Venkatapur B.OMedak502117
Venkatapur B.OMedak502321
Venkatapur B.OMedak502114
Venkataraopet B.OMedak502278
Vittalapur B.OMedak502310
Waddepalli B.OMedak502296
Waddepally B.OMedak502334
Waddi B.OMedak502251
Wadiaram B.OMedak502255
Wargal B.OMedak502279
Wariguntham B.OMedak502381
Wasar B.OMedak502286
Watipally B.OMedak502312
Yedakulapalli B.OMedak502321
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