Kamrup Pin Code Under Assam | कामरूप पिन कोड

Kamrup Pin Code

Hey guys, my name is Vicky today, I am going to tell you some Kamrup Pin Code, through Pin Code, all your work is going to be easy.
As we all know,
India is a huge country and it is no less than a big city and town and a village for the people to always remember all those Pin Codes locally or use their Pin Code for a place. It is not so easy to find out, you know.
To get rid of this difficulty, our site named Newinfo4u has introduced the Arunachal Pradesh Pin Code search engine tool that provides the correct information.
Using this tool or this tool, any person can find the Pin Code of any locality in India and they can easily find the address of any place using their Pin Code of India.
It does not matter if you are from where you are and you are searching for Kashmir or Kanya kumari, it gives you the correct Pin Code or locality for any region.
This pin code section is very popular and useful for organizations and individuals who are searching for Pin Code from different places in India.

What is a PIN or Postal Code?

Pin Code which we also call postal index number code. Postal index number (PIN number) or Pin Code is the 6 digits numeric code of the post office used by India Post.

The Indian Postal Service introduced the digit zip code, which we know as the Pin Code on 15 August 1962, to make the process of letters and parcels more efficient and easier.

Pin Code Structure:

The Pin Code is a 6 digit number as you are told. Each digit number has a specific meaning.
1 digit denotes the territory of India, 2 digits denote the sub-region of India, 3 digits denote the district and the last 3 numbers denote the post office code.

Thus the first 3(three)digits collectively denote the postal district while the last 3 digits designate the specific post office within the district.

India has 9 PIN areas, 8 of which are geographical areas, and 4 are reserved for the Army Postal Service.

Kamrup Pin Code Under Assam

Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Agchia B.OKamrup781128
Aggumi S.OKamrup781137
Akadi B.OKamrup781102
Alikash B.OKamrup781137
Alupati B.OKamrup781127
Ambari Fatasil S.OKamrup781025
Amerigog S.OKamrup781023
Amgaon B.OKamrup781026
Amingaon S.OKamrup781031
Amranga B.OKamrup781014
Amsinggaon E (S -85) B.OKamrup781027
Amtala B.OKamrup781134
Baghdoba B.OKamrup781366
Bagmarachar B.OKamrup781127
Bagta B.OKamrup781102
Baihata Chariali S.OKamrup781381
Baihata S.OKamrup781380
Bakalipara B.OKamrup781124
Balapukhuri B.OKamrup781124
Balikuchi B.OKamrup781381
Balisatra B.OKamrup781350
Bamundi B.OKamrup781103
Bamunigaon S.O (Kamrup)Kamrup781141
Bamunimaidan S.OKamrup781021
Bangalipara B.OKamrup781364
Bangaon B.OKamrup781354
Baniapara B.OKamrup781134
Baralabari B.OKamrup781101
Barbaka B.OKamrup781030
Bardal B.OKamrup781354
Bardangrikuchi B.OKamrup781366
Bardekpar B.OKamrup781382
Bargaon B.OKamrup781104
Bargaon Khaliha B.OKamrup781135
Barghuli B.OKamrup781354
Barpalaha B.OKamrup781121
Barpathar B.OKamrup781364
Baruajani B.OKamrup781380
Baruapathar B.OKamrup781136
Basistha S.OKamrup781029
Batahidia B.OKamrup781137
Batarhat B.OKamrup781122
Beltola S.OKamrup781028
Betna B.OKamrup781366
Bezera S.OKamrup781121
Bhagawatipara B.OKamrup781132
Bhalukghata B.OKamrup781123
Bharalumukh S.OKamrup781009
Bhattaparagaral B.OKamrup781017
Bhauriabhita B.OKamrup781136
Bhelkarbazar B.OKamrup781102
Bhitarduar B.OKamrup781137
Bhogpur B.OKamrup781366
Bholebatabari B.OKamrup781364
Bhomolahati B.OKamrup781121
Bihapara B.OKamrup781365
Bihdia B.OKamrup781381
Bijoynagar S.OKamrup781122
Binovanagar S.OKamrup781018
Birpara B.OKamrup781123
Boko Agchia B.OKamrup781123
Boko Rajapara B.OKamrup781123
Boko S.OKamrup781123
Bonda B.OKamrup781026
Bondapara B.OKamrup781135
Bongra B.OKamrup781015
Bongshor B.OKamrup781103
Borakhat B.OKamrup781124
Borduar S.OKamrup781120
Borjhar B.OKamrup781124
Borni B.OKamrup781102
Boromboi B.OKamrup781104
Chamatapathar B.OKamrup782402
Champaknagar B.OKamrup781124
Champaparabazar B.OKamrup781136
Chandrapur Mills B.OKamrup781150
Chandrapur S.O (Kamrup)Kamrup781150
Changsari S.OKamrup781101
Chanmaguri B.OKamrup781380
Chapania B.OKamrup781354
Chenigaon B.OKamrup781366
Chenikuthi S.OKamrup781003
Chhaygaon S.OKamrup781124
Choudhurykhat B.OKamrup781141
Collegenagar B.OKamrup781031
Dadara B.OKamrup781104
Dagaon B.OKamrup781380
Dakhala B.OKamrup781122
Damalchos B.OKamrup781135
Dampur B.OKamrup781102
Darkuchi S.OKamrup781376
Debgotanagar B.OKamrup781011
Dehaligaon B.OKamrup781122
Dehangarigaon B.OKamrup781012
Dekachang B.OKamrup781136
Deoduar B.OKamrup781101
Deolkuchi B.OKamrup781354
Deosunga B.OKamrup781364
Dharapur B.OKamrup781014
Dhengargaon B.OKamrup781125
Dhepargaon B.OKamrup781354
Dhirenpara B.OKamrup781025
Dhopguri B.OKamrup782403
Digaru S.OKamrup782401
Dihina B.OKamrup781382
Dispur S.OKamrup781005
Dobok B.OKamrup781380
Dopdar B.OKamrup781030
Dorakahara B.OKamrup781101
Dumunichowki B.OKamrup781121
Durapara B.OKamrup781123
Durungpahar B.OKamrup782403
Fancy Bazar S.OKamrup781001
Futuri B.OKamrup781122
Gamarimura B.OKamrup781135
Gandhinagar B.OKamrup782403
Gandhmow B.OKamrup781103
Garchuk S.OKamrup781035
Gerua B.OKamrup781102
Ghoramara B.OKamrup781124
Gohalkona B.OKamrup781123
Gopalpur B.OKamrup781354
Gopinathnagar S.OKamrup781016
Goreswar S.OKamrup781366
Gosaihat B.OKamrup781125
Gotanagar S.OKamrup781011
Gurmow B.OKamrup781366
Guwahati Airport S.OKamrup781015
Guwahati G.P.O.Kamrup781001
Guwahati University H.OKamrup781014
Hablaka B.OKamrup781102
Hahara B.OKamrup782402
Hahimbazar S.OKamrup781129
Hajo S.OKamrup781102
Halda B.OKamrup781121
Halogaon B.OKamrup781103
Hatigaon Chariali S.OKamrup781038
Hatipara B.OKamrup781137
Hekra B.OKamrup781127
Helecha B.OKamrup781382
Hengrabari S.OKamrup781036
Hinguli B.OKamrup781380
I I T S.OKamrup781039
Indrapur S.OKamrup781032
Jahirpur B.OKamrup781137
Jalukbari S.OKamrup781013
Jambari B.OKamrup781141
Jamlai B.OKamrup781127
Jamtala B.OKamrup781365
Japia B.OKamrup781382
Japorigog B.OKamrup781005
Jharobari B.OKamrup781122
Jiakur B.OKamrup781134
Jirang B.OKamrup781131
Jogiparapathar B.OKamrup781136
Kachari Solmari B.OKamrup781354
Kachumara B.OKamrup781127
Kahilipara S.OKamrup781019
Kaimari B.OKamrup781124
Kalajalchowk B.OKamrup781380
Kalardia B.OKamrup781127
Kalatoli B.OKamrup781136
Kalitakuchi B.OKamrup781102
Kalubari B.OKamrup781127
Kamakhya S.OKamrup781010
Kaniha B.OKamrup781380
Karora B.OKamrup781381
Karparbhitha B.OKamrup781366
Kendua B.OKamrup781121
Khanapara S.OKamrup781022
Khapenikuchi B.OKamrup781102
Kharguli S.OKamrup781004
Kharikot B.OKamrup781380
Khetri Hardia B.OKamrup781102
Khetri S.O (Kamrup)Kamrup782403
Kholabandha B.OKamrup781127
Khudradimu B.OKamrup781382
Kinangaon B.OKamrup781123
Kukurmara S.OKamrup781134
Kulhati S.OKamrup781104
Kulsirange B.OKamrup781125
Kumarpara B.OKamrup781009
Kuwarpur B.OKamrup781102
Lachitnagar S.OKamrup781007
Loch B.OKamrup781381
Loharghat B.OKamrup781120
Lower Lumpi B.OKamrup781129
Madhukuchi B.OKamrup781354
Madhyamkhanda B.OKamrup781030
Mahajanpara B.OKamrup781366
Maharipara S.OKamrup781364
Mahimari B.OKamrup781137
Mahtoli B.OKamrup781136
Majirgaon B.OKamrup781128
Malaybari B.OKamrup782403
Malibaribazar B.OKamrup781136
Malibaripathar B.OKamrup781136
Mandakata B.OKamrup781121
Mandira B.OKamrup781127
Maniari Tiniali B.OKamrup781125
Maranjana B.OKamrup781354
Mataikhar B.OKamrup781120
Mauman Ashram B.OKamrup781123
Mirza S.OKamrup781125
Mlg Rly Hqs S.OKamrup781011
Nagarbera S.OKamrup781127
Nahira B.OKamrup781132
Naitar B.OKamrup781127
Nalapara B.OKamrup781129
Nampara Majarkuri B.OKamrup781102
Narangi S.OKamrup781026
Nartap B.OKamrup782402
Natun Jharobari B.OKamrup781124
Nawkata B.OKamrup781364
Nizdemoria B.OKamrup782403
Nizmanakuchi B.OKamrup781104
Noonmati S.OKamrup781020
North Guwahati S.OKamrup781030
Odalbakra S.OKamrup781034
Pacharia B.OKamrup781104
Pachia B.OKamrup781135
Pachim Dhuligaon B.OKamrup781124
Pachim Samaria S.OKamrup781136
Palahartari B.OKamrup781127
Palashbari S.OKamrup781128
Paltanbazar S.OKamrup781008
Panbari B.OKamrup782401
Pandu Rly Colony S.OKamrup781012
Pandu S.OKamrup781012
Paneri B.OKamrup781123
Panikhaiti B.OKamrup781137
Panikhaiti B.OKamrup781026
Panitema B.OKamrup781101
Panjabari S.OKamrup781037
Patharkhmah B.OKamrup781131
Patharquerry S.OKamrup781171
Pathimari B.OKamrup781127
Pijupara B.OKamrup781127
Pillangkata B.OKamrup781029
Pingaleswar B.OKamrup781381
Pitambarhat Bazali B.OKamrup781354
Pubborka B.OKamrup781101
Puthimari B.OKamrup781380
Rajapara B.OKamrup781120
Ramdia B.OKamrup781102
Ramgaon B.OKamrup781364
Rampur S.O (Kamrup)Kamrup781132
Rangamati B.OKamrup781122
Rangia R.S. S.OKamrup781365
Rangia S.OKamrup781354
Rani S.O (Kamrup)Kamrup781131
Ratanpur B.OKamrup781124
Rehabari S.OKamrup781008
Rongmahal B.OKamrup781030
Rowmari B.OKamrup781104
Rupnagar S.OKamrup781032
Sadilapur B.OKamrup781012
Saledal B.OKamrup781121
Samuka B.OKamrup781129
Santipur B.OKamrup781141
Sarpara B.OKamrup781122
Satgaon S.OKamrup781027
Satpakhali B.OKamrup781132
Saukuchi B.OKamrup781034
Sidilapara B.OKamrup781124
Sikarhati B.OKamrup781125
Siliguri B.OKamrup781103
Silkijhar B.OKamrup781366
Silpukhuri S.OKamrup781003
Simina B.OKamrup781122
Simlatarabari B.OKamrup781135
Singra Rajapara B.OKamrup781135
Singra S.OKamrup781135
Soalkuchi S.OKamrup781103
Sonai Kamalajari B.OKamrup782402
Sonapur S.OKamrup782402
Soneswar S.OKamrup781382
Soniadi B.OKamrup781102
Srihati B.OKamrup781103
Suagpur B.OKamrup781364
Sutargaon B.OKamrup781381
Tarani B.OKamrup781354
Tengajhar B.OKamrup781364
Tepesia B.OKamrup782402
Tetelia B.OKamrup781104
Tinali B.OKamrup781365
Titkuri B.OKamrup781354
Tokradia B.OKamrup781102
Topabari B.OKamrup781102
Toparpathar B.OKamrup781137
Topatali B.OKamrup782403
Tukrapara B.OKamrup781137
Tulsibari B.OKamrup781376
Tupamari B.OKamrup781127
Tyngher B.OKamrup781129
Udayan Vihar S.OKamrup781171
Udiana B.OKamrup781354
Ukiam B.OKamrup781124
Ulubari S.OKamrup Pin Code781007
Uparhali B.OKamrup781122
Uzanbazar S.OKamrup781001
Uzankuri B.OKamrup Pin Code781102
Warmawsaw B.OKamrup781131
Zoo Road S.OKamrup Pin Code781024

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