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Java kya hai complete information in Hindi/English 2020

Introduction to java? What is java?

Hello friends, today we will know that java kya hai what is java?. If you are interested in computer science. So you must have heard the name of java at some time or other and have tried to know about it, so through this post today we will tell you how to learn java kya hai, features of java, and java! So let’s know what java kya hai?  What is Java and how to learn?

 What is Java? Java kya hai?

Java is an object-oriented programming language. Also called high-level language as it can be easily read and written by humans java is multiple platforms and distributed programming language which is used for a console application, web application, mobile application, etc. Apart from this, this language is also used to develop software or apps for almost all devices. Java is a simpler, better, and faster programming language than other programming languages which are currently used only in computers. Not only mobile phones, tablets, electronic devices like tv, washing machine, AC. Nowadays, online shopping, online banking, the online form is also done with the help of all java.
Currently, almost all mobile companies support java. Google has developed an open-source operating system named Android for the device connecting Java to Linux, which has become very famous in today’s time, almost all big companies or android platform For mobile device, tablets, smartwatch, etc., develop java language web application such as website, also provides the facility of making blogs and also helps to create apps for mobile as well as all the web pages in today’s time They run on javascript android devices Many applications have been created for this which are written in java. This application is created using android’s software development kit or SDK. History of java history of java?

What was the purpose of making JAVA?

You will know that earlier all the programming languages ​​are and were. They follow all the procedural structure. The object-Oriented concept came after this I am happy that in today’s time Object-Oriented changed the entire Programming Industry.java programming language also follows this concept.
You may be thinking that there are so many computer languages ​​already, yet what is special about this? In recent times, you must know how much Demand for Internet applications is in it. Whether it is online video/image editing, whether to convert something online like making Word to PDF, ZIP, RAR file, this is all due to this.
Nowadays filling the online form, Online Calculator has become possible only with the help of java. On the Internet, Java works together with other web-based languages. Meaning it is clearly designed to develop Internet Applications and Tools. If we compare it with other languages, it executes easily on the Internet. It is also very easy to write a program for it.
A powerful web application can be created with the help of JavaScript, JSP (Java Server Pages), and java. You can easily implement java applets on the web. With its help, you can also write offline programs that run without the internet. I would like to give you this advice, if you want to do anything in the world of SW now and then, you must learn it and how to learn this language, further you will also get information about it in this article. By now you have come to know a lot, but you should also know about its history.
The Java Language Project was started in 1991 by James Gosling, Ino John Mike Sheridan, and Patrick Naughton.

Why was it named Oak?

Oak is also called the Symbol of Strength. Oak is the National Tree of Western Countries (USA, France, Germany, Romania). The name Oak was changed to Java in 1995, as Oak was already the trademark of the Oak Technologies Company at that time. Now the next question is, why is Java its name and why is there no other name

Why was it named JAVA?

When the Green Team was choosing a language name. All those team members gave some name suggestions such as Dynamic, Revolutionary, Silk, Jiot, DNA. He wanted to have a name that would represent his technology. Any name that is Revolutionary, Dynamic, Lively, Cool, Unique. According to James Gosling, there were finally two suggestions of names, one is Silk and the other was JAVA. The Green Team found the name JAVA unique; finally, it was named.
Java Ye Yak was the name of an island in Indonesia. Where Coffee Produce first took place. It was developed in Sun MicroSystem. It is currently a part of Oracle Corporation. JDK 1.0 was released in January 1996.

History of Java Version? (Java versions)

The first version of Java was released in JDK Alpha and Beta (1995). After that many versions were developed and released like

  • JDK 1.1 (19 Feb 1997)
  • J2SE 1.2 (8 Dec 1998)
  • J2SE 1.3 (8 May 2000)
  • J2SE 1.4 (6 Feb 2002)
  • J2SE 5.0 (30 Sep 2004)
  • Java SE 6 (11 Dec 2006)
  • Java SE 7 (28 July 2011)
  • Java SE 8 (18 March 2014)

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It is an object-oriented language based on c and c ++ but java has been further simplified and improved to remove the error of the programming feature of the java source code file which has extension .java, they are helped by the compiler. From byte code format is generated and then the java interpreter executes it. Compile java code is run on all computers with the help of java virtual machine JVM JVM is a virtual machine that provides run time environment. Where the java program is run. All the java computer programs run, all of them are already JVM installed, so the source code of Java runs on all platform computers.

Types of java – types of java

Java is a very large programming language, so the sun microsystem has divided it into several categories. So that the programmer who wants to develop the software related to the category, only need to know about java related to that category.

Java is divided into 3 Parts.

(1) JAVA Micro Edition (J2ME)
(2) JAVA Standard Edition (J2SE)
(3) JAVA Enterprise Edition (J2EE)

Java features

(1) Simple language

Java is a very easy language as it has syntax’s like c ++ which can be easily read but like c ++ it does not use operator overloading and header file which makes it easier to write.

(2) Object-oriented

Java is a pure object-oriented programming language (OOPS). That is, procedures are not used in this, rather it is only an object-based language. Follows Concept of Java (OOPS) which simplifies software development and maintenance.

(3) platform-independent

Java is a platform-independent language, meaning it can be run on every platform. For example – programs written in android, windows, Linux, and mac java can be run in any operating system. Like if you have written the Java program in windows os, then we can run it easily in Linux is also.

(4) Secure

Another great feature of Java is that it is a secure language. Java is the most secure because the Java program runs in the Java run time environment before the machine generates the code, the program detects the error by running some tests on the JVM, and the java language virus is free so that the programs are protected.

(5) Portable

Java is a portable language because the source code of Java is converted to byte code with the help of a compiler. This byte code (Binary Code) runs in every system so it can be easily obtained.

(6) Robust

Robust means that any program built-in strong Java can work without crashing in different environments, its programs never crash, whatever errors are encountered in Java can be easily solved by searching. Java is a robust language for all these reasons.

(7) Multi-threaded

Java is a multi-threaded language. This means that large programs in Java are divided into small subprograms and these subprograms are executed sequentially, similarly Java can perform many tasks simultaneously. This feature makes Java fast and interactive. This feature is used in multimedia and web development applications.


(8) Distributed

Java is a distributed language which means that Java programs are created to run on the Internet. In Java, we can create distributed applications. These are applications that are distributed on different networks but perform tasks together. . In Java, HTTP and FTP protocol is used. So that data can be accessed faster on the Internet.

Where is the use of Java?

In recent times, more than 3 Billion devices have run with the help of java. It is a very highly used Programming Language in the IT Industry.


It is a web technology, it is used in web application. Java Code is inserted into HTML Document with the help of JSP. JSP Tag is used to inserting Java code into an HTML tag.
PHP – You will know this is a server-side Scripting Language. Java is also used in PHP.


This is also a kind of Full Java program. Which is added inside the web page. With which to see new features in the web browser. The applets remain inside HTML. And some online games are also examples of Applets. Plugins are required to run applets in a Web Browser.


Java 2 Enterprise Edition is a platform-independent environment. With which you build web-based enterprise applications. A web application created by J2EE is used to share XML based Structured data with companies.

What is needed to run Java on a Computer?

First of all, you should download the Java software development kit from this link http://java.sun.com/
Follow the instructions given on the website.
Java Editors for writing Java programs
You will need Editors to write a Java program and you can use the editors given below.
Notepad ++ This is an editor in which you can easily write code. Error is easy to find and Missing Bracket is also easy to find.
Netbeans – This Java IDE is open source and free. Which you can download from this link http://www.netbeans.org/index.html
Eclipse – This is also the java IDE developed by the Eclipse open source community. You download from this link http://www.eclipse.org


1) How to learn java Programs online?

According to the Demand of Programming, if you know the Fundamentals of Programming then you should learn java. Because you can make income in millions by developing software and creating an app in the play store. That is my advice, you can easily learn by watching video series from some Tutorial Sites or YouTube. Below are the names of some channels and a list of websites from where you can teach Java.
You can learn Java online very easily, here you can learn java from beginner to advance, these are very popular sites where you can learn java tutorials.

Name of Tutorial Site to learn JAVA

  • https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=java+tutorial+
  • https://www.w3schools.com
  • https://www.udemy.com
  • https://www.tutorialspoint.com
  • https://www.codecademy.com


Friends, in today’s post we have known java kya hai, java ke feature, java ki history, and java Kaise shikhe I hope you all understand well that java kya hai friends java is a very simple and secure language Which is being used today in 3 billion devices.


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