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How to Setup VPN in windows 10 for free 2020

Want a more ( Setup VPN) secure Internet connection on your Windows 10 PC?

You can use a VPN to do this. Here a guide will tell you how to connect Windows 10 to VPN. So you have to stay in this post till the last and use the things given in the same way.

What is a VPN?

VPN Full Form Is a virtual private network (VPN). It is used to make point-to-point network connections over its Internet. A VPN client adopts the TCP / IP or UDP (User Datagram Protocol) protocol (the so-called tunneling protocol) to make virtual calls to a virtual port on a VPN server.

How to Setup a VPN in Windows 10?

You can use some settings to connect to a VPN in Windows 10, so first, you need to create a VPN profile.

We will learn further how to create a VPN profile:

Setup VPN

Step 1. Click windows “Start” button, and select “Settings” option

Setup VPN

Step 2. Select “Network & Internet”, and then click “VPN

Setup VPN

Step 3. Click “Add a VPN connection”

Important Notes:

Step 1: For VPN providers select “Windows (Built-in)“. In the Connection Name box, type the VPN connection name and the VPN’s server address.

Step 2: You must also select the type of VPN connection for “VPN Type“.

Step 3: To use the type of sign-in information, the type of sign-in information (or credential) has to be selected. He has to type a username and password in the respective box provided.

Step 4: Click “Save”.

If you need to complete VPN connection information or specify additional settings, such as proxy settings to use a VPN connection, and choose VPN Connection and then choose Advanced Options.

Step 5. Once the VPN profile is created, select the network icon at the bottom.

Step 6. Choose VPN connection name, and click “Connect”.

This image has to be set as is। 

Best windows 10 VPN for pc in 2020:

Once your Windows 10 (How to setup VPN)PC connects to the VPN, the name of the VPN connection will appear below that.

Any opinions on how to connect to VPN in Windows 10, you should tell us in the comment box below.

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