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In this article, we will learn how to download GB WhatsApp in 2021, as we all know that WhatsApp is currently ruling the world of online messaging, in which you get all the features you need in a messenger app.

With this, you can not only send text and chat, but it is also possible to make voice and video calls, which many people are using. The app is so popular that many mobile messaging apps like GB WhatsApp have come on the Internet, providing similar services. Not only this but in these apps, you also get more features than the original WhatsApp.

This is the reason why many people are using GB WhatsApp (GB WhatsApp apk download) due to the extras feature because you do not need to create a separate account to use it. In this, you can log in with your original WhatsApp number, after which the friends and groups of your official WhatsApp come to GB WhatsApp.To chat with this app, the person in front does not have to have GB Whatsapp, it is easily connected to the official app as well. Due to all these features, the user is liking it a lot.

GBWhatsApp Latest Versions 2021 (Info)

Version Name 17.40
Apk Size 50.9 MB
Requires Android Android 4.0+
Apk Name GBWhatsApp
Root Required? No
Main Task Based on WhatsApp With Extra Features

Gb WhatsApp apk Download 2021

Although the WhatsApp team is launching new features with every update some features are quite useful but missing from WhatsApp.


Similar features are available in you, if you also want to download GB due to these extra features, then for this you will have to take the help of Chrome browser, this app you will not find in Google Play Store.

Since GB is a mode APK of official WhatsApp(WhatsApp GB), in such a situation it violates the policy of Google Play Store, that is why you do not find this GB app in Google Play Store.

However, it is present in some websites which you can access by searching in Google from any of your browsers. So information about how to do this is given below. (download GB WhatsApp)GB WhatsApp Official apk


  • First of all, open the Chrome browser on your smartphone.


GB WhatsApp Official apk


  •  After that, the main page of the site is mentioned below.



  • After that, the Apk file starts downloading within a seconds.

Now if there is a new version of the app here, then you will show Notification. If you see the latest version here, then you can use Use Update. Apart from this, you also get the option of Update From Web, from which you will get the latest Apk file of the app.

GBWhatsApp Older Version Download List

1.Download V.7.10 5.Download V.7.20
2.Download V.7.99 6.Download V.8.0
3.Download V.8.5 7.Download V.8.10
4.Download V.8.20 8.Download V.9.5


Features of GBWhatsapp Latest Version 2021

  • 12.20.300.16 is based on the new version of WhatsApp.
  • Click to download the viewed status.
  • Anti Ban – Now your account will not be hacked. If your account is hacked, then back up and uninstall this application. Then install again.
  • You can send a reply to your group simultaneously.
  • You can put your favorite stickers in third-party applications
  • New font styles, new launcher icons have been added.
  • Relate the tradition of WhatsApp messages to old and new.
  • The increased PIN chat limit extends to 30 greetings.
  • Swipe to answer, group calling.
  • Enabled Stickers.

GB WhatsApp latest version New Updated Features

  • Forward your message to anyone without forwarding it.
  • Enabled forward limits are available to Indian users.
  • Know the history of canceled messages from contact and group profiles.
  • Change the media visibility of specific contacts in your mobile gallery.
  • Marked as reading a message from the notification.
  • You can delete all chats at once from the home screen of this app.
  • Locked voice recording is capable of sending long voice messages without touching the voice icon. (Gb Whatsapp 2019)
  • You get notifications of canceled messages that other people don’t want to see.
  • You can play WhatsApp videos with your favorite friends or relatives.
  • Now you can read your WhatsApp group details as normal in your notification bar.
  • Added payment option – Pay your friends through your bank account.
  • Added option to mention someone’s name in the group.
  • Auto-reply feature – When you are busy with something you can set an auto-reply message. Also, you can now auto-reply any contact in the group.
  • Features of several groups were added here.
  • New emojis side added.
  • You can enable DND mode in WhatsApp, which will help to disable the internet in GBWhatsApp.
  • Send text message broadcasts to groups.
  • You can filter chat messages without deleting them.
  • Can cancel the message.
  • Able to provide live space to do live location cooperatives with your friends.

Gb WhatsApp new update Features 2021

Update Feature GBWhatsApp WhatsApp
Status Characters Length Up to 300 Characters Up to 139 Characters
Document Sharing at one time 100 30
Media Sharing to another Devices 50 MB 15 MB
Hide Online Last Seen yes No
Status Copying Availability Yes No
Documents Sharing in Pdf, Txt, and another format Yes No
All Languages Supported 100+ 130
Blank Messages Sending Yes No
Custom Theme Changing Yes No
Auto Replay Yes No

Advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp GB apk

The biggest advantage of this app is the extra features found in it, you can customize it according to yourself. Its most popular feature is the change in online status. Whenever we open WhatsApp, the person in front of the online status gets to know that we are using WhatsApp and they start messaging.

But you can change your online status offline in GB WhatsApp. This will not let anyone know that you are using WhatsApp, similarly many advanced features are available in it.

On one hand, where it has many advantages, the disadvantage is not less, its biggest disadvantage is that it is not secure, it does not have the facility of End to End Encryption. In such a situation, anyone can access your WhatsApp message.

Disadvantages of GB WhatsApp

There is a risk of your WhatsApp number being banned using this app, in fact, GB is a third-party application that is a copy of WhatsApp. If the official team comes to know that you are using GB WhatsApp, then your number can be banned so far, many numbers have also been banned.

Banning means that your number is banned from using WhatsApp. After this, you cannot log WhatsApp with your number even if you want, in such a situation, you need a new number to create a new account.

So now you must know how to download GB WhatsApp, whenever we need an application, we go directly to Google Play Store and search there and install it on our phone. GB violates the WhatsApp Play Store policy, because of which it is not found in the Play Store. But you can download it easily from a website by searching in Google and the information about how to do it has been given to you in this post. So hope this post is helpful for you.

Is it safe to use or not?



It is a modded version of WhatsApp ie 3rd party application, although GBWhatsApp is an unofficial third-party application that does not contain viruses and malware, it is completely free of bugs. Also, it has antigen features and users participating in it get their account banned.


It is one of the best mod apps available in the market. There are many features for the user. Download GBWhatsApp to any Android phone, and get all the new features. A lot can be done with this age and the most famous instant messaging application through this application. It is this feature that comes with GBWhatsApp Messenger download, making it the most downloaded modern application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question:- Is GBWhatsApp banned?

Answer:- Yes, GBWhatsApp which is a third-party application has been banned.

Question:-How to install GBWhatsapp?

Answer:-To install WhatsApp GB be sure to enable installation from “Unknown Sources” on Android device settings.

Question:-How to download GBWhatsApp?

Answer:-You can download GBWhatsapp from the website.

Question:-What is GBWhatsApp?

Answer:-This is a modified version of the original WhatsApp messaging app.

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